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Lists / Overviews


Specific Calculators

last updated: 11-Jan-11


Lists / Overviews

Michel Bardel’s list

The list of calculators with references of types, capacity, manufacturer, time range, etc.


E.Martin's book (English translation) with contemporary pictures and add. information

Geschichte der Rechenhilfsmittel

Web page from Jan Meyer. Overview of the different types with technical explanations.

Mathematisches Maschinen-Museum

Web page from the PH Ludwigsburg, Prof.E.Anthes. (in German)

  1. paper E.Anthes, historical development of mechanical calculators

  2. virtual exhibition of calculators

  3. "fathers of the mechanical calculators", Schickard, Pascal, Leibnitz, ...., short cur.vita and a description of their machines

  4. articels from Anthes, Lange, Reese about specific calculators (Friden, Alpina, Marchant, Mercedes-Euklid, Hamann)

Internationales Forum Historische Bürowelt e.V.

Assoziation of ca. 350 collectors of historic office equipment.



Die große Enzyklopädie des mechanischen Rechnens







Links to Collections

Rechenhilfsmittel Sammlung Wolf-G. Blümich

Comprehensive collection and description of tools around calculating


Web page from Reinhard Atzbach. Large collections of tools around

calculating with explanations of the mechanics.

Calculator’s Pages

Web page from Walter Szrek. Large collections of calculators with nice  

pictures and references to Martin’s book.

The Collection of Calculating Devices

Web page from Andreas Tabak. Collection of calculating devices and more.


collection of mechanical, electronic and pocket calculators

Calculating Machines

Web page from Erez Kaplan. This site deals mainly with the mechanical calculating machines from a collector's point of view.

John Wolff's Web Museum - Calculating Machines

Provide an Australian perspective on the calculating machines that have been in common (and not so common) use in this country, and on the ways in which they were used; and especially to present detailed technical descriptions of the mechanisms of the more interesting machines, to assist other enthusiasts in their understanding and preservation


Holger Jakob im WWW

Collection of office machines with details of the Brunsviga company history.

Museum of Soviet Calculators

Web page from Andrew Davie, Tasmania. On this site you will find pictures and details about all the Soviet electronic calculators that I know about


Swedish Typewriter Page

Welcome to Christofer Nöring's web site about antique and classic typewriters and calculators, with particular emphasis on the Swedish industry and collecting scene. Complete overview of Facit and Odhner family trees.


X-Number World

Web page from James Redin. Collection of electronic calculators. Photos of collectors (and links to their web pages). Forum and (large) databace of collectors

Vintage Calculators Web Museum

This site was produced by Nigel Tout, Leicester, England. The object of this site is not to simply show large numbers of calculators but to feature representative examples of the various types, and highlight the main steps in the evolution from mechanical to cheap hand-held electronic calculators


Web page from Detlev Bölter with nice pictures and hints for restauration of old calculators 



collection of Paulo Boselli


The Bell Artifacts

collection from Gordon Bell, the famous HW architect of the Digital Equipment PDP-11 and VAX


Peter Kernwein

collection from Peter Kernwein





Links to specific Calculator types


Addiator Startseite

Friedrich Diestelkamp's comprehensive overview of the Addiator models.



Odhner Calculators

Web page from Kevin Odhner. Lots of information and beautiful pictures

Original Odhner Calculators

Web page from Timo Leipala. Quick reference guide for determining the

age of Odhner calculators


Arithmometer W.T.Odhner

Web page from Sergei Frolov. Impressive collection and very nice pictures

from Odhner calculators build in Russia








The Museum of HP Calculators

The Museum of HP Calculators displays and describes Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 plus a few interesting later models. There are also sections on calculating machines and slide rules as well as sections for buying and selling HP calculators, an HP timeline, collecting information and a software library.

          The Calculator Reference

          Web page from Rick Furr: Here you will find a wealth of data I have collected over the years on HPs, on TIs and on my all

          time  favorite mechanical calculator, the CURTA



Facitsnurrans Stamtavla

Family tree of Facit calculators

  Vom Modell T zur 1051

   Harald Schmid web page about Facit machines



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